Frequently asked questions (ND2 Project)

Do I have to go to the dealer for the device to be fitted?

Our technicians can fit and remove the device at a location specified by the owner; this can be at home, work or a dealership.

Who will come and fit the device?

NTCE have contracted 586 Engineering Ltd. to conduct this survey for 2008/9. This letter confirms 586 Engineering Ltd. are working on behalf of Nissan Technical Centre Europe on the European drivers survey 2008/9 project. 

How long does the device take to be fitted and subsequently removed?

A Technician will install and set up the device in 10 minutes. Removal of the device and checking the data will take 5 minutes.

How long will the device remain fitted in the vehicle?

We aim to have the device fitted for 14 days, but it can be a little under or over depending upon collection dates.

Why is compensation paid and when is it paid?

We understand the project can slightly inconvenience drivers so we would like to reward people for taking part. The compensation is paid the day the device is removed by the technician by your choice of cash or cheque.

Does this affect my warranty?

The ‘Data Logger’ device is manufactured by Nissan, it has no effect on the vehicle and hence no effect on your warranty.

Does this affect the performance of my vehicle in any way?

The ‘Data Logger’ device has no effect on the performance of the vehicle – it is simply recording certain engine variables, such as temperature, gear position or RPM.

What is the data used for?

The data allows Nissan to gain a better understanding of the type of loads typical European drivers place on their vehicles’ engines.

Can the data be used to incriminate the driver?

No. The device logs engine variables and stores no positional data.  In addition to this, the data collected is solely to be used by Nissan and will not be passed to any third party.

Once the device is fitted do I have to do anything?

The device turns on and off with the engine and there are no additional actions required.  We do ask the age and sex of the drivers and details of the type of roads they have been using to be recorded so we can match journeys.

Can I enter a different vehicle?

No. Unfortunately we are only able to test Manual Transmission Nissan Qashqai 1.6 Petrol vehicles.

Can I get a summary of the data recorded from my vehicle?

Yes, if requested we can email you a summary of the data recorded.